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ClearPass with WorkSpace
Secure, Distribute and Manage Enterprise Apps On Mobile Devices

ClearPass with WorkSpace lets IT secure, distribute and manage
enterprise apps on personal mobile devices. It also includes the
mobile app, which lets users onboard their own devices,
organize and manage their work apps, and provision network access for their guests.

For IT, WorkSpace makes it easy to create policies that control
how work apps are used and data is secured. An automatic
VPN session can be initiated when specific work apps are used
on public networks. Work apps can also be locked based on a
location or geo-tracking status.

For users, the WorkSpace mobile app offers unprecedented
control, including visibility into app policy status, access to an
enterprise app store, and a single sign-on for work apps. This
control extends to as many personal devices the user is allowed to
bring onto the network.

The WorkSpace mobile app also lets users create and manage
temporary guest Wi-Fi accounts. Instead of having IT or the
reception desk provision guest access for everyone, WorkSpace
empowers employees to manage Wi-Fi access for their own guests.
WorkSpace supports one of the largest ecosystems of enterprise
mobile apps in the industry. IT can easily secure, distribute and
manage more than 40 leading third-party enterprise productivity
apps as well as internally-developed apps.

Familiar Device, Custom Enterprise Workspace
The WorkSpace mobile app for work and school uses standard
login credentials and protocols, and the existing certificate
infrastructure to connect to the data center.

The WorkSpace mobile app then automatically downloads and
provisions the mobile device with approved enterprise apps. No IT
intervention is required. Key user advantages include:

• Allows users to easily manage their enterprise apps.

• Familiar springboard and app store model ensures users get
started fast.
• Single sign-on for all enterprise apps keeps it simple, yet secure.

Personal Data Stays Private
WorkSpace eliminates corporate liability issues related to privacy
by preventing IT access to a user’s personal information. IT can
only wipe or lock enterprise apps and data – anything controlled
by WorkSpace – while personal information stays private.

Your Own App Store
ClearPass with WorkSpace even gives IT a vehicle to distribute
and manage corporate-approved apps from an internal app
store. A user’s role and responsibilities determine which apps
are automatically pushed to the device. IT can also track which
enterprise apps are being used and quickly make updates to any
app without touching a user’s device.