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Mobility Access Switches extend security and operational simplicity to wired networks by extending role-based access to wired users and devices.

In addition to built-in Layer 2, Layer 3, site-to-site VPN, and authentication capabilities, Mobility Access Switches forever eliminate traditional IT overhead required by legacy switches in the access network by employing the same role-based access policies for wired and wireless.

The result is a far simpler and more cost-effective wired access network that gives users consistent and secure access to network resources, no matter where they are, what device theyre using or how they connect.

Mobility Access Switches are available in three models.

Unique Features:

  • Mobility-centric wired solution Unlike legacy switches that utilize VLANs and ports, Mobility Access Switches apply policies to wired users and devices based on contextual data user roles, device types, application flows and location. This context-awareness is essential to mobility.
  • 802.11ac-ready wired network Mobility Access Switches support 802.3at with PoE+ on every port and 10-gigabit uplinks, allowing 802.11ac deployments to realize the full potential of gigabit Wi-Fi without performance degradation or traffic congestion at the switch.
  • Robust unified access A vital part of the Aruba MOVE™ architecture, Mobility Access Switches integrate seamlessly with Aruba APs, ClearPass access management, Mobility Controllers, and AirWave network management, eliminating tedious network configuration common to legacy switches.