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Simplify outdoor mesh network design with the Aruba Outdoor RF Planner

Designing an RF network can be a complicated task, even for experienced systems integrators and network architects.

The Aruba Outdoor RF Planner is a free web application that makes it quick and easy to accurately design 802.11n mesh networks to meet customersâ™ business and technical requirements.

Systems integrators can use the Aruba Outdoor RF Planner graphical topology tool to fully visualize the wireless mesh network, including RF coverage heat maps, Wi-Fi client access and mesh links. The Aruba Outdoor RF Planner provides expert mesh network design guidance and eliminates the need for time-consuming manual calculations.

Designers can easily visualize both the Wi-Fi client coverage and the mesh backhaul links.

Visualize RF coverage outdoors

The Aruba Outdoor RF Planner makes it vastly simpler for systems integrators to visualize RF coverage for the mesh backhaul and plan for client coverage and data rate.

Rapid design for outdoor networks

The Aruba Outdoor RF Planner accelerates the design process for outdoor mesh networks. In many cases, systems integrators can cut planning time from weeks to days or even hours.

Ease troubleshooting

Integrators can avoid common mistakes in network design by getting a full 3D view of the vertical coverage during the design phase, and seeing the effects of adjusting the antenna direction and mechanical downtilt to deliver optimal coverage.

Designers can see a full elevation profile for the mesh links so they can avoid mistakes commonly made when determining the vertical coverage.

Reporting and inventory

The Aruba Outdoor RF Planner produces detailed reports that can be used for planning and ordering Aruba mesh routers and antennas. The reports show the mesh network model, including country, design margin, location details, access points (APs) and antennas selected, antenna heading, and mesh roles.

Using the Aruba Outdoor RF Planner

Creating an outdoor coverage plan for a site begins with developing model of the mesh network. You can use the Aruba Outdoor RF Planner to simplify the process of specifying the country, the client types, AP locations, altitude parameters and whether the environment is noisy or quiet.